The new DongFeng DF-504 G3

The Better chinese tractor for 2016
High torque 3.2 Litre diesel, delivering 50 hp at ease
12 forward speeds and 12 rearward speeds
Synchronized gearbox with shuttle shift
Wet clutch for Power Take Off (PTO),
with hydro-electric command.
Heavy duty 3-points Cat 1 and 2
33 km/h top speed on the road
Durable wet disc brakes
Only some electronic parts
Easy to drive and to maintain
Optional good quality front end loader
Optional creeper gears 210 m/h and less
Optional heated cabin with radio, 4 lamps etc.
2 and 4 Wheel Drive, Hydraulic Power Steering
Technical assistance and fast spare parts supply
Homologated for road use with car driving license
(On image shown tractor is pre-equiped for a loader)
4WD tractor
The DongFeng DF-504G3 tractor
The "heavy" parts of the DongFeng tractor seem to be well made and resist on the long run.
It is a very big compact tractor, not a mini or micro tractor as some Iseki's, Yanmar's or Kubota's.
This tractor is strong and heavy enough to plow, move huge mobil-homes, or for to work in the forest.
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east wind tractor
east wind tractor
Security and Comfort
If you actually own an elder tractor, you know they are quite dangerous.
And also : they don't offer much comfort neither !
Look at this Dong Feng compact tractor:
- flat floor easily accessible
- a fully synchronised gearbox 12F + 12R
- synchronised shuttle
- low situated exhaust
- folding roll over protection system
- safety belt: a must
- CE lights and 2 worklights
- 4 worklights on cabin version
- toolbox with tools
- children start protection
- 12V battery circuit switch
- hand and foot throttle
- steering wheel with warm upholstery
- independant power steering
- spring seat, adjustable to your weight
east wind tractor
Direct Injection Diesel
The diesel engine, Chinese build CHANGCHAI brand, type 4G50B, is a 3.26 liter 4 cylinder engine.
The power is 50 hp (36,8kW) at 2400 rpm (12 hours measuring).
The engine's torque, the tractor's weight and size are also important: Torque 164.7 Nm at 1680 rpm
Weight 2090 Kgs, with cabin 2260. Wheel base 1880 mm.
east wind tractor
New Transmission
The fully synchronised gearbox of the G3-models offers the same easiness as in your car.
12 Forward and 12 Rearward gears, allow a speed range from 1.6 km/h up to 33.1 km/h, at 2400 rpm.
With the optional "Creeper gears" the tractor will have 24 forward gears and rearwards, and a first creeper gear giving 210 m/h at 2400 rpm.
The synchronised shuttle shift allows rapid handling without too low speeds when going rearwards.
Maison du Tracteur
farm pro tractor
PTO : power take off
The PTO is a standard 6 splines 1"3/8 (35 mm). It is actioned by it's own wet clutch.
The PTO is a twin speed: 540 and 1000 rpm to drive all kinds of standard implements.
Maison du Tracteur
Two hydraulic systems
Two independant hydraulic systems:
A small, dedicated pump for the power steering makes steering a light job, also when you action other hydraulic tools.
The second system, with a bigger pump (33.6 L/min) actions the Cat. 1 and 2 Three point suspension, and two double hydraulic outlets: these outlets can feed all kinds of hydraulic implements, like a front loader, a backhoe, wood splitter etc.
Maison du Tracteur
farm pro tractor
Maison du Tracteur
Heavy duty 3-points with precise adjustments
After quite some tractors sold, we can stand back a little and talk about the DongFeng quality...
Heavy parts, like axles, gearboxes and engines didn't cause any real (expensive) trouble. On the other hand, adjustments and the assembling of small and light parts like for electrics, lights etc., isn't always done carefully.
That's why at Maison du Tracteur, we work 35 hours, to assemble the tractor, and at the same time we make a lot of adjustments, checks and small modifications, representing a value 1000 € !
Like this, all clients are very pleased with their tractor.

These tractors are simple constructions, as economical to buy as to maintain, and there aren't many electronic parts.
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Last update of this list : Jan 4, 2016

DF-224 G3 22cv

DF-254 G2 25cv      DF-304 G2 30cv

Pacco DF-404 G2 40cv

Rancho DF-504 G3 50cv
sous 15 jours sous 15 jours oui oui sous 15 jours
4 Roues Motrices (4WD) 2WD / 4WD2WD / 4WD2WD / 4WD2WD / 4WD2WD / 4WD
Dimensions hors tout L×l×H (mm) 2505×1160×1404 3380×1550×1511 3515×1630×1600 3780×1515à1615×1700
Voies (mm) Avant 100011001100 1150 1200-1300
Arrière886 à 1086
(1388 à l'ext pneus)
125012501260, 13801200 à 1500
Empattement (mm) 15461732173219001880
Garde au sol (mm) Sous essieu avant255290310381408
Force de traction nominale (N) Dans les champs humides inconnue 4200 4950 5970 -
Dans les champs desséchés 5880 6300 6940 7856 12500
Poids en état de marche avec conducteur de 75 kg 1102 kg1640 kg1640 kg1880 kg2090, avec cabine 2260 kg
Rayon de braquage minimum (m)
Boîte de vitesse Boîte de vitesse synchronisée avec inverseur synchronisé 8AV+8ARIdem, 12AV+12AR
Vitesses (km/h) Avant 1.44 à 20.1 km/h 1.44, 2.17, 3.48, 5.04, 7.44, 11.24, 18.03, 26.50 1.48, 2.23, 3.58, 5.18,
7.66, 11.57, 18.56, 26.86
1.60 à 33.1 km/h
Option rampantes 24AV+24AR:
0,21 à 3,71 km/h
Arrière 1.42 à 20.0 km/h 1.45, 2.18, 3.50, 5.07, 7.49, 11.32, 18.16, 26.28 1.49, 2.25, 3.61, 5.22,
7.71, 11.65, 18.69, 27.05
1.60 à 33.1 km/h
Moteur Changchai type :3M783LS25B3LS30B4LD40B4G50B (sans turbo)
Type Diesel à injection directe, 3 cylindres en ligne,
refroidissement par radiateur
Diesel à injection directe, 4 cylindres en ligne, refroidissement par radiateur
Puissance moteur (cv) 22cv à 2600 rpm 25cv à 2400 rpm30cv à 2400 rpm40cv à 2400 rpm50cv à 2400 rpm
Couple moteur (Nm) 64 à 1820 rpm90 à 1680 rpm97 à 1680 rpm135 à 1680 rpm164,7 à 1680 rpm
Alésage × Course (mm) 78×78,490×9590×9590×10095×115
Cylindrée totale (L) 1.1231.8131.8132.5433.260
Embrayage mono disqueembrayage à double disques (avancement et PDF)mono disque
disque humide pour PDF
Transmission principale Une paire de roues coniques en spirale
Différentiel Roue conique
Verrouillage différentiel Verrouillage à mâchoire
Transmission finale Engrenage cylindrique, roue extérieure
Pneus agricoles montage standardAvant 6.00-126.00-126.00-127.50-168.30-20 PR6 R1
Arrière 9.5-2411.2-2011.2-2012.4-2412.4-28 PR8 R1
Pneus agricoles larges (option) Avant 22x7.00-127.00-127.00-12280/70R16-
Arrière 10.5/80-18320/85R20320/85R20360/70R24-
Pneus gazon
Avant -26x7.50-1226x7.50-127.50-16-
Arrière -11.2-2011.2-2012.4-24-
Pneus gazon larges
Avant -27x10.50-15NHS27x10.50-15NHS31x3.50-15-
Arrière -41x14.00-20NHS41x14.00-20NHS44x18.00-20-
Capacité réservoir gasoil (L) 22 L25 L25L25 L48 L
Freinage Disques humides débrayables gauche/droite
Direction Direction assistée par système entièrement indépendant (pompe, réservoir)
Débit hydraulique pompe de direction (L/min) 12,2 L/min14,4 L/min14,4 L/min14,4 L/min24,0 L/min
Débit hydraulique pompe autres fonctions (L/min) 20,8 L/min25,0 L/min25,0 L/min30,0 L/min33,6 L/min
Débit hydraulique totale (L/min) 33,0 L/min39,4 L/min39,4 L/min44,4 L/min57,6 L/min
Système hydraulique Capacité de levage à 610mm derrière le point de levage (kg)400432496665900
Suspension à trois pointsCatégorie: I (standard internationale)Catégorie: I et II
Prise de force Vitesse de rotation (rpm) 540/1000 (standard internationale)
Dimensions de denture 6 cannelures 35 mm (standard internationale)
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